T-headed bars // performance

Reduced Congestion with T-Headed Bars:

Reduced congestion

Avoid installation errors and problems with field tolerances:

Not to standards

Typical situation at site: not according to the standards

Reduced anchorage capacity

Left: Reduced anchorage capacity
Right: Full anchorage with T-heads

Improved robustness at overload and accidental conditions:

Improved robustness

Concentrated anchorage, no bond length required:

Concentrated anchorage

The concentrated and stiff anchorage properties of headed bars are not dependent on a bond length to develop the full tensile strength of the reinforcement in concrete; 100 % anchorage at the head.

Stiff anchorage:

Stiff anchorage graph

HRC group has conducted a series of tests documenting the T-headed bars unique strength and performance. Please contact us for more information.