HRC 400 Series Mechanical splices // performance

Don't make the splice your weak link!

HRC 410 and 420
HRC 400 Bar break

Bar break: HRC's only acceptable failure mode concluding a tensile test.

HRC 400 Series - Technically Speaking:

  • Exceeds all international known requirements for rebar couplers, including reinforcement design specifications for seismic events
  • Designed to exceed the actual stress and strain capacity of all reinforcement grades, independent of variable heats
  • Behaves like continuant reinforcement and provides full utilization of the strength and ductility properties of the reinforcement
  • It will simply put your tensile test failure outside the splicing area and break in the bar
  • Can easily be combined with any other HRC Product series at the other rebar end
HRC 400 Installation

Fast and simple installation of pre-tied reinforcement cages using HRC 410/490.

HRC 400 Series - Practically Speaking:

  • Taper Threads provide a fast, simple and self-locking installation
  • Reliable Quality Control provided by visual inspection and a torque wrench
  • HRC 490 Position Coupler - Splice long and high dimension reinforcement without turning the bars
  • Less sensitive for tolerances and rough field conditions than any other mechanical coupler
  • Excellent for use in casting joints