Concrete piles using headed reinforcement

Concrete piles

Advantages of T-Headed Bars

90 Degree Hook

  • Conventional 90 degree hooked bar directs anchorage force away from the joint, thus creating additional tensile forces inside.
  • The 90 degree hooked bars result into unacceptable joint congestion.
  • In many cases, hooked bars interfere with reinforcing steel bar placement.
  • Beam/slab depth is often inadequate to develop full column bar anchorage.

T - Headed Bars

  • Headed bars ensure full column bar anchorage by engaging the top mat of beam and/or slab.
  • Headed reinforcing bars relieve joint congestions.
  • With headed bars, mat reinforcing steel bars can be placed at the right location and position.
  • The concentrated anchorage of Headed Bars allow the ultimate tensile force of the pile to be anchored immediately underneath the head.